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January 29
15-17 @ DTU Skylab

DTU skylab digital Opening

DTU Skylab Digital, in partnership with DTU Compute, ITU, CBS and DIKU, is building a national digital knowledge hub in order to strengthen competences, research and the practical application of technologies including AI, IoT, and Blockchain.



Neural will be there to celebrate the opening of this new digital innovation melting pot and we hope to see you! The event is free and happens from 15-17 o’clock in DTU Skylab!

march 5

Tapping AI &

Neural AI, Digi-Talks, and Skylab Digital are hosting a one evening Hackathon – a “cross-disciplinary evening of hacking climate related health issues”. We are inviting 50 students, faculty and professionals from any and all backgrounds, universities and organizations, to come together to explore and combat health related threats caused by climate change.

march 19

Two Bright Minds - Fairness in ai

Why do we need fairness in AI, is it possible for AI to be fair, what is fairness even, and can we implement it in AI? These are the types of questions we will explore at this year’s first Two Bright Minds event.

Join us for an exciting afternoon and evening as we sit down with EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager and professor Aasa Feragen with knowledge in AI to investigate fairness in AI.

March 26

Two Bright Minds -
AI in an attention economy

attention has become a commodity with companies fighting for it. In combination with AI and data collection how will this play out?

This afternoon we sit down with professor in formal philosophy Vincent F. Hendricks from KU and professor Sune Lehmann from DTU to discuss AI in an attention economy.

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