AI Expos

The AI Expo is held every couple of months. It is an event where you can get to see what intersting projects DTU students are doing within AI and different fields of learning, as well as hear company talks about how different technologies are leveraged in the corporate world. Here are couple of reasons for why you should come to our AI Expos:

  • Get a feel for what you can dive into as a student
  • Meet top-tier companies and hear about their work and the opportunities they offer
  • There is usually free beer and pizza!



AI Symposium

The AI Symposium is held once a year. The symposium is a conference that gathers knowledge-seekers with the most knowledgeable people in different fields within AI and learning. You should come to the AI Symposium to:

  • Expand your network among students, researchers and professionals
  • Get updated on the newest research
  • Learn what AI can be used for in different business contexts

AI Hackaton

Do you have a cool idea, or do you want to compete in developing the coolest solution using the newest technology and learning methods? Then the AI Hackathon is for you! Join the hackathon if you want to:

  • Test yourself and your abilities to develop something from scratch!
  • Generate novel and innovative ideas
  • Solve a real problem using the newest AI technologies and tools
  • Have a ton of fun and meet other engaged people

Whatever supports the AI agenda

We thrive to continuosly expand Neural with events and initiatives that supports the AI agenda. We want to ensure that all competencies are represented in the field – and therefore you are always welcome to join a Neural event, no matter your educational background.

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